Insight Hospitality | Creating a Winning Team – Part One: Coming Together
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Creating a Winning Team – Part One: Coming Together

Creating a Winning Team – Part One: Coming Together

“Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success”
– Henry Ford

“Coming together is a beginning” (PART 1).

‘What are the essentials required when choosing your team?’

When hiring your staff for the first time or hiring new staff, asking the question ‘What are the essentials required when choosing your team?’ Is so important!

Is it experience and skill set offered?

Is it meeting budget requirements?

Is it to consider team dynamics?

These are essentials, yes!

However, above experience, above skill set, above team dynamics I think the potential employee’s attitude is the highest priority of essentials to look for.

See from one’s attitude reflects their speech, actions and character. Some key questions to ask regarding attitude are:

  • Is their attitude one that shows them to be teachable?

In particular, when hiring chefs, is the head chef you’re looking for so experienced they don’t take anyone’s advice? Not even you the café owner? See no matter the experience I see that anyone can learn from everyone.

  • Listen, listen, and listen. We have been blessed with two ears and one mouth for a reason.

Is your future employee one who will listen?

  • Is your new team member a team player?
  • Is their attitude one that displays trust?

Trust in a team, any team is a necessary ingredient for success.

  • Is this potential team member a part of my ‘A’ team?

Essential is team dynamics. When coming together building the team it’s important to form that ‘A’ team. The ‘A’ team is one that works so well together. They look out for each other. They show respect and know how to work as a team. When looking at team dynamics it is important to look at skill set and what experience each member brings to the table. When interviewing your potential staff members ask yourself ‘How do they fit in to my ‘A’ team?’

If you’re struggling with getting your ‘A’ team together contact Insight today for an obligation free chat to see how we can further develop your staff into a winning team. 

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