Insight Hospitality | CREATING A WINNING TEAM – PART TWO: Keeping together is progress
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CREATING A WINNING TEAM – PART TWO: Keeping together is progress

CREATING A WINNING TEAM – PART TWO: Keeping together is progress

“Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success”
– Henry Ford

“Keeping together is progress, working together is success.”

So you have just opened and trading these first few weeks have been exciting. The place is buzzing! You see your team working well and you stop and ask yourself ‘Is this my ‘A’ team?’ Then you smile to yourself confidently as you keep working away because you have your ‘A’ team on board.

Six months pass by:

One of your ‘A’ team members Jack asks to speak with you. Jack isn’t happy anymore with his hours and in the midst of the conversation he quits, handing you his 2 weeks’ notice. What are you going to do? Jack is a vital member of your team; he covers your weekend shifts, the busiest service times.

How do you keep your ‘A’ team together?

Typically in hospitality staff turnover is very high. So when you have your ‘A’ team you never want to let them go, here are some things you can do to help your team stick together in the long run.

  • Pay above award for their service where you can.
  • Don’t tell a chef ‘you’re just the cook.’ Trust me, this does not go down well and when the kitchen is the heart of the operation. You don’t need your chef walking out on you, I’ve seen this happen and scored a double shift because of it.
  • Give incentives. This goes well for keeping the team together in the long term, I’ve heard of some businesses saying to their staff ‘if you stay two years you can write your own salary.’ Wow! That is very generous; you may not be in that sort of position but what about an extra day off a month for your fulltime staff?
  • Be thankful. Show your team you are grateful for the work they do – more on this in a later blog.
  • Cast the vision, cast the vision, and cast the vision. As the business owner, a vital role of yours is to cast the vision. By speaking up and continually speaking out what the business stands for and what the business and the team are aiming for gives your ‘A’ team a sense of ownership. By reminding the team of the ‘why,’ together you work out the ‘how’ moving forward.

Above mentioned points see your team keep it together, what about success? What does success look like?

The answer – Working together is success, to work together well consider the basics first:

  • Cross-train your staff. This is great for team moral as you can have staff members jumping into other sections to help out and from a business point of view you have more staff trained in different areas adding true value to your operations.
  • And the one to save Jack. Have a fair roster in place. Rotate your staff through different shifts. Not only will Jack be thanking you for the weekend off (at random). It is also great for business because your staff have a better understanding of the pressures during the other service times of the week.

No-one starts a business to be mediocre. Insight offers targeted strategies and solutions for your hospitality business. To see your business truly become successful, contact us today.  

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