Insight Hospitality | THE INSIGHT Process
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Many good things can begin with a cup of coffee and talking about your hospitality business is no different. Our starting point is a no-obligation meeting that gives us an understanding of where your business is at right now. Whether it’s a start-up or a mature operation, it does not matter to us, our first port-of-call is establishing the lay of the land right now. From there, we can implement a process that can benefit your operation.

From macro to granular:
Increased Productivity, Improved Strategies

We frame our services around reports or reviews. They work together to form a package that is completed over a set period of time or via a monthly retainer with the reports forming part of that ongoing service.


Our “Coach’s Report” works in the same way. These packages are created through 1-2 face-to-face business development meetings with you (client). These business development meetings are free of charge as part of the engagement of our service to you.


The package that is decided on will be delivered through in-person meetings and emails over a set period of time and concludes with a complete Insight Hospitality Consultant Report.


Our aim is to truly add value to you (the client) so we also offer an on-call service.

Slicker operations, better structure

The difference between a profitable operation and one that is struggling is often a multitude of small elements that aren’t working together as they should. Up close, it can be hard to spot these things – the more engrained they become in your workflow, the harder it is to see the dysfunction.


Insight offers a fresh set of eyes that have seen plenty of hospitality businesses and know where to find the small changes that can move your business from either struggling to strong, or good to great. Sometimes it’s structure, sometimes it’s workflow, sometimes it’s menu, sometimes it’s something completely fundamental. Whatever it is, we’ll work with you to make it a compelling part of your service offering rather than the thing that is holding you back.

Reporting and work-flow management

At the heart of the Insight Process, is comprehensive review and periodic reporting.


With an armoury of tools for reviewing your business operation, our goal is to systematically work through each area of work-flow and operations to uncover the opportunities for improvement.


The list of processes we have at our side to increase productivity, identify risks, cut costs and increase revenue for your operations is immense. We don’t seek to activate each of these simultaneously. Rather, we endeavour to apply these insights at a rate that the business and its people, can adapt and flourish.

A stronger food and beverage brand

There is no shortage of food and beverage operations in your neck of the woods. Each of them, with varying degrees of success, are offering similar things. The harsh reality is that some flourish and some perish.


Our goal is to help your business flourish by making your service offering a compelling one. While processes and workflow are important to this, the establishing and expressing of your ‘brand’ is crucial.


We work with you to both uncover the uniqueness in what you’re seeking to build and then working to express this through each element of your operation.